The Archive

As the official public historical archive of the University of Turin, we hold records covering more than three centuries of history. The oldest register, concerning the Medicine exams, begins in 1693.

We hold: exams registers, inventories, expenses registers, official paper records, dissertations ... and also six handwritten anonymous volumes (dated 1803-1804) related to the teaching of physics, geometry, logic and metaphysics.

The recent removal of the historical documentation to suitable rooms, equipped with temperature and humidity controls, as well as dusting procedures and the use of non acidic folders for correspondence, represent a big step towards the improvement of preservation of the Archives collection.

Dissertations were seriously damaged by the flood that inundated the Archive's storage spaces in 2000, but after several years of work they were recovered almost completely.

Archivio Storico dell'Ateneo

Via Verdi, 8 - 10124 Torino
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